Thursday, March 1, 2012


Whale Hunting (Photography!) Excursion in Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. 
SCP Director, Bradley Rae, hitched a ride on a dredge boat the size of a football field, to intercept the humpback whales that are visiting Moreton Bay in Queensland. Within hours of leaving port a massive electrical thunderstorm hit the Bay and Brisbane, with winds hitting at 140 kph, and set to grow. Harbor base alerted all ships of nature's onslaught, and the drama on the high seas unfolded. Fishing boats sank, lives were lost, black outs swept across the region. And in a matter of 90 minutes, the storm passed, and life resumed as normal once again. Here are some photos of the trip.


Inbound shipping

Chased by the storm.

After the storm had passed over.... mission accomplished.
Team members Bradley Rae and Zoe Connolly will be heading to Uganda to work with NGOs in Gulu, where the memory of Kony and LRA massacres reverberate to this day, instilling a deep tragic fear in the populace regarding the possibility of his one day returning. The NGOs specialize in the treatment and care of child soldiers, and the implementation of social, health and educational programs throughout the region. From Gulu, the two will be heading up to South Sudan to meet a king and to experience the culture which apparently, as told by the local we'll be traveling with, comes alive at Christmas with regional tribes rallying for traditional dances and festivities.