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Look at where you are now 
and consider where you could be...


(Length: 4 minutes)

(i) One of our assignments in Kampala, Uganda was to document the operations of certain local NGOs that are affiliates in the new AVID Program (Australian Volunteers for International Development)  implemented by the Australian Government Agency, AUS AID.  Local NGO operations dealt with such matters as Teenage Sex Education, HIV programs, Domestic Violence and Rape.

Partnering with Red Cross, the AVID program organizes long term placement of Australian professionals wanting to volunteer their time and expertise in developing countries.The program provides them with an extraordinary travel experience, noting all expenses are paid for courtesy of Aus Aid.

The video presentation, shot on location, is part of the AusAid and Red Cross advertising campaign for the AVID program.

(ii)  More details about the AVID Program/ including photos of participant, NGO operations and wildlife in Uganda are shown below.

Aus Participant/ Journalist
'All Australian Volunteer assignments are about  capacity building; that is help local organizations to strengthen their services and improve policy and practices through training, systems, planning, professional development and other forms of support. Australian Volunteers work with local colleagues under the supervision of their host organizations. Each volunteer has an assignment description with specific objectives and expected outcomes. Most assignments are for 12 months, although some may range from three months to two years. By contributing their time and skills to local development organizations, volunteers make a positive contribution to poverty reduction, sustainable development and cross-cultural understanding.' For more info go to the source: Red Cross or direct to the AVID site

Photo shoots were conducted in several locations throughout the capital, as well were interviews filmed with NGO staff, professional participants in the program and the Under Secretary of Red Cross Uganda. 

One local NGO involved in the AVID Program is Straight Talk, which is a media outlet that produces newspapers and radio programs for youths across the Uganda, tackling social issues such as health, hygiene, HIV, STDs, contraception, domestic violence, drugs, education and employment. The primary motivation of this organization is to teach and empower youths to live a productive and rewarding life.

Another NGO affiliate is Naguru Health Clinic, which provides information for youths about sexual and reproductive health, including tests, diagnoses, treatment, advice and emotional support.


The AVID program provides one with an extraordinary opportunity to travel deep into an African culture, one that is as fascinating as it is beautiful. Case in point are these photos taken by Smashed Compass team members below.

(Bradley Rae. All rights reserved)
Murchison Falls, Nile River, Uganda